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For bookings or a no obligation quote:
Contact Stu on  07799 265939 or email: [email protected]

  • Live music with Stu (vocals and guitar) acoustic set or evening set


Based in the Plymouth area, Stu has performed in a vast number of venues and at hundreds of weddings, mostly in Devon and Cornwall. He currently regularly performs in the towns local to Plymouth such as Saltash, Callington, Torpoint, Liskeard, Looe, Tavistock, Ivybridge, Plympton and Plymstock to name but a few!





For bookings or a no obligation quote: 
Contact Stu on  [email protected]

Tamar Sounds provides live music entertainment and highland bagpipes for the south West including Saltash Plymouth Plymstock Plympton Ivybridge Kingsbridge Tavistock Torpoint Liskeard Looe Launceston Callington Bodmin. Tamar sounds will travel to other locations at reasonable costs.

Local bagpiper Local acoustic guitarist acoustic sets
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Acoustic set in the Canaries !